Bespoke Opportunity Monitoring Service

Ensuring you never miss a lead, protecting and growing your business

A bespoke public and private sector opportunity monitoring service. We issue you a weekly report and summary of each suitable opportunity. This is bespokely identified for you by construction specialists who understand opportunities and how to win.

What we do!

We have helped SMEs:

  • Identify projects and frameworks
  • Win Principal Contractor roles for the first time
  • Win Local Authority work on their doorstep
  • Bespoke searches and research to inform business growth
  • A dedicated partner service to help with all queries at any time

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  • Reviews of 532 UK procurement portals
  • Opportunities identified, interest registered and documents downloaded
  • Weekly reports summarising all opportunities in the week
  • Public sector and private sector opportunities identified
  • We quote and programme any tenders you wish to progress
  • Commitment to not work with your competitors
  • Huge cost savings compared to generic opportunity monitoring competitors.


“This is a really useful and well-presented report and has provided us with opportunities to bid for work that we would have otherwise missed. Procter and Street have also helped us with our bids.

Out of the 10 opportunities identified we have bid for 4. The report has also identified 4 Prior Information Notices and 2 events which we have attended to help further opportunities available to us” .

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