Commercial Management

Protecting your budget and cost plan, avoiding surprises

We robustly review Contractor and Client budgets alongside risk and opportunity to manage your forecast and budget
Our experience of doing this Client side and Contractor side allows us to be proactive and work with all parties rather than administrate as many of our competitors do.

What we do!

  • Our model is built on experienced professionals who have been responsible for profit and loss. This means we are able to integrate a considered approach on cost, delivery and programme to make best for project decisions
  • We ensure robust systems and checks are in place on risk, opportunity, cost, procurement and programme
  • We analyse to the appropriate level of detail aligned to the selected contract type and project situation


  • Unbiased advice for Clients
  • Integration with your teams
  • Contractor and client side knowledge
  • Retained knowledge from tender through to delivery
  • Deep experience in D&B, construct only, 2 stage and ECI arrangements – NEC and JCT
  • Examples include; £140m Carlisle Southern Link Road and Rochdale Council Cost Plans.


“P&S have been a great asset to the project bringing a breadth of highways project management and commercial expertise. Always professional with a well thought out and calm approach to manage the NEC contract between the Client and Contractor. The result was a fair, detailed analysis of all events which relieved pressure on the project delivery team. A key benefit provided by Procter and Street was the flexibility needed to deliver this role, allowing us to match their input with the ever changing work load.”

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